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What is a sustainable wedding?


Your sustainable wedding is a reflection of your inner values.


Your sustainable celebration will be both a promise to care for each other throughout your lives, and a public commitment to nurturing the planet.

Choosing an eco wedding is a wonderful way to invite the earth to celebrate your exciting new chapter in life, alongside all your loved ones. I will bring my eco-friendly toolkit of sustainable suppliers, resources, and know-how to help you create a stunning event that everyone will cherish. With expertise in budgeting, timing, planning, and execution, my role is to lift the overwhelming elements of wedding planning from your shoulders, so that you can focus on enjoying every moment.

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Now, more than ever, with the right tools and contacts it is easier to find a venue that supports your environmental or social causes. From museums, organisations supporting heritage and tradition, village halls, community organisations, hotels with strong eco-credentials or country houses, the choice is out there.  A lot of these venues have started to source their food from local and organic producers too!  


There have been many changes in the wedding industry over the last few years. A growing number of businesses have changed their practices to ensure that their impact on our communities and our planet is kept to the minimum. With my 10 years experience in the industry I can and will introduce you to suppliers that have the same ethos and ethics as we do. 


Making conscious choices that are the best for you and your partner throughout the entire planning process is  key to a successful wedding. Choosing socially and financially responsible suppliers and knowing your budget are the first step to envisioning your future and gracefully introducing others to a brighter and more sustainable way of living.


It’s all about quality over quantity. I will save you time by introducing you to products that reflect your personal ecological  and ethical values.

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